21 September 2015

Student Nurse life! Week one!

Last Monday saw the first day of a new life, as I mentioned previously I've always wanted to be a Nurse. I left school and completed a Health & Social Care qualification, I was going to be a nurse at a local hospital but the most important woman in my life suddenly got ill. My Mam. From Cancer diagnosis to death was under 12 weeks! My life was turned upside down! I can look back now and think why didn't I carry on Nursing....?! I should of done this, that or the other but escaping seemed right at the time! I moved to the opposite end of the country!

I then had a poorly baby girl...
....followed by an epileptic son! My priority has always been them two!
 My Nursing career was put on hold for a while but here I am! Sooooo excited!

This week I have sat on a tiny desk listening to lecturers telling us what to expect for the next three years! I cannot wait....
The uni campus is small but friendly, I've met some great people already! Hopefully my life experience will come in very handy!
We had to get measured for our new uniforms, I got pricked several times by my Nurse friend, to test my jabs had worked!
I'll keep you informed about my student nurse life!
So far...it's fabulous!
Catch up soon xo 


  1. Good luck, I know you will be a fantastic nurse xx


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