13 September 2015

Planners... which do you use?

I know planners are the current 'in thing' but I'm not really into *trends* I love being me..... I like practical things! I've not... until now....jumped on this bandwagon! Now I have 3! Eeeek! 
The first I want to talk about is the MAMBI planner, you can get it from Hey Little Magpie, my favourite scrapbook shop, I love it!
Bright, colourful and very practical...lots of space to write everything. I love that you can add pages, dividers etc to this. I love the accessories that you can get.
The only problem I have is the size! It's too heavy for me, I'll be carrying a laptop, note books, pencil case, packed lunch, drinks and the usual purse, house keys etc. Practically, I need something smaller. {This is for sale for £20, contact me}
The next planner I bought is the personal planner, you step by step make it personal to you
I love this one too! I just wish you could add more pages to it
It's A5 size, I like that you can put 'to do lists', add birthdays etc
This planner is student nurse specific and from  the happy planner company, this was the first planner I bought.... it's great very practical but boring too! I love COLOUR
It separates home and uni life. It is great for placement notes
...assignment notes
*apologies for the blue tinge on the photos, I must have accidentally pressed a filter*
Here is a size comparison
...and a width comparison, as you can see the MAMBI is much larger than the other two.
I will use the smaller two, I love the MAMBI the best from a 'scrappers' point of view, it has a 'currently' page for each month, it's bright and colourful, it has the ability to add or take away pages, it's brilliant but the reality is I have no need to have three planners for a year, I would keep the one but I've wrote in the other so need to keep it really!
Do you use planners? Which is your favourite?
Catch u soon xo
P.S. Tomorrow's the big day! Wish me luck!

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