1 September 2014

16/31 If I won the lottery

It would be a miracle in itself as I never play the lottery, I never win anything, tombolas, competitions, bingo, school fete games! I'm pants! So in my dreamy world....hmmm! 

Obviously it depends how much you win but I'd probably take loads of friends/family to Disney World, Florida. I'd meet up with some scrapbook friends too and they could show me all the awesome shops! Haha!

Or maybe I would move house, I love the Coast, so maybe nearer the seaside. Or buy a barge, I reckon that would be a pretty chilled kinda lifestyle, I could have a pet duck! Haha!

I would buy the Special Care Baby Unit new equipment, to help them save more lives, without their help Lolly wouldn't be here so maybe that would be one of the first things I'd do. I'd like to do charity work but rather than give cash be involved, eg help teach in a 3rd World School or rehabilitate poorly animals.

Catch up soon everyone xo

15/31 Top of my wander list

Where in the World do I want to go? Hmm, I'd love to go to so many different places but I'm more of a 'keeping busy, discovering places' kinda traveller as opposed to the 'chill by the beach' kind of traveller but for me there is only One number One destination

The Happiest Place on Earth
Disney Land California

I'd love to go to California! {source} I'd love to go back to Florida too!

{source} I'd love to explore Canada, the Rockies but also some Ice Hockey cities too! We LOVE Ice Hockey, so I guess we'd have to visit during the Hockey season.

Route 66 

I guess we could go here from Disney! haha! {source} 'In my dreams!'  I'd love to see all of 'old style' America! I just LOVE America! This is the Harley tour, my Dad has a Harley so this would be an amazing trip!

Where else would I like to go? I'd love to visit a German Christmas market, I'd love to go to Italy, I'd love to go back to Scotland and show my kids where I went on holiday when I was young. I'd love to visit Southern Ireland too! Where would you love to go?

Catch up soon xo

14/31 Why do I blog?

After my life changed recently I decided not to blog anymore and deleted my blog, after many years. I missed it so much and returned pretty quick! So why did I start? To share my scrapbooking layouts, it was good to look back and see how it all began .... I discovered scrapbooking after my first trip to Disney World in 2008, my first album is a Disney album.

Over the years I discovered new blogs and made new friends! I love it! A whole new world of making photographs look pretty with patterned paper took over my life, I began photographing EVERYTHING! I then scrapped all aspects of my life.

When I first began blogging I didn't really talk about myself or family I just uploaded photographs of my layouts but I found that people were interested in all aspects of my life and at the minute, I seem to be posting alot more 'life stuff' than scrapbook layouts!

Thanks to everyone who visits my blog, I love all the comments I get and try to visit as many blogs as possible. My blogger friends have become friends in real life and I think that's amazing!

Linking in with Emma at outmumbered, I discovered Emma's blog through my blog friend Nina! Thanks Nina! I've met some awesome people through friends of friends!
Catch up soon xo

13/31 Where I live

I live in Swindon! It's a lovely town in the heart of Wiltshire, I really love Wiltshire.

 But what is my town well known for?!?!? Hmmm! A Roundabout!
 This is the famous Magic Roundabout
 One of the other things I love about my town is shopping in The Designer Outlet, I've had some real bargains over the years I've lived here! I also like the fact it encompasses trains as Swindon is famous for it's Rail too! The Steam Museum is next door and tells us all about the Foundation of GWR in 1835, it had a massive impact on the History of the Railways.
 I live a few minutes away from Lydiard Park with is great place to go and feed the ducks, have a BBQ or picnic, it has a pretty house {where we took our class on a School Trip, they loved it}, you can walk around the walled gardens or the little ones can play in the park. I came here to take photos of the girls in their Prom dresses.
By the lake
It has great scenery
The Gorgeous House
 Wiltshire is a lovely places to live I'm just over an hour away from London or Bournemouth but close by I have awesome places such as The Cotswolds, Stonehenge, Avebury, Lacock Abbey, Highclere Castle aka Downton Abbey, many Canals & locks, Bath is very close too!
A big thanks to outmumbered for hosting these prompts, I just wish I could of kept up! Eeeek!!
Catch up soon xo