1 September 2014

15/31 Top of my wander list

Where in the World do I want to go? Hmm, I'd love to go to so many different places but I'm more of a 'keeping busy, discovering places' kinda traveller as opposed to the 'chill by the beach' kind of traveller but for me there is only One number One destination

The Happiest Place on Earth
Disney Land California

I'd love to go to California! {source} I'd love to go back to Florida too!

{source} I'd love to explore Canada, the Rockies but also some Ice Hockey cities too! We LOVE Ice Hockey, so I guess we'd have to visit during the Hockey season.

Route 66 

I guess we could go here from Disney! haha! {source} 'In my dreams!'  I'd love to see all of 'old style' America! I just LOVE America! This is the Harley tour, my Dad has a Harley so this would be an amazing trip!

Where else would I like to go? I'd love to visit a German Christmas market, I'd love to go to Italy, I'd love to go back to Scotland and show my kids where I went on holiday when I was young. I'd love to visit Southern Ireland too! Where would you love to go?

Catch up soon xo

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