26 June 2014


loving: the sunshine

watching: my eyelids... I'm so tired!

reading: some new blogs, I love finding new inspiration

making: Lolly's Prom scrapbook album

feeling: excited about lunch this week with friends from work!

listening: Callum practise his guitar!

planning: July Birthdays... lots of them! 

24 June 2014

Weight loss..... the journey so far....

A couple of years ago I realised I wasn't happy with the way I looked! I needed to do something about it! I ate unhealthy stuff & wanted to be skinnier! Something had to be done....
I didn't ever scrap photographs of myself, it's much better to scrap cake?!?!?!?
I started the Slimming World diet before I knew it I'd lost 3.5stone {49 pounds}I felt so much better!
I was more confident and happier to have photos of myself taken
I found that people treated me differently as I wasn't the 'fat one' ... which to be honest was quite strange, I'm me... whether I'm fat, thin, wide or wider! lol Oh well.... 
So here I am now... a year later...
I've put on a 1.5 stone! EEEEEEEEEEKKKKK!!!! I suppose it's better than 3.5..... I need to get rid of it again, help...... who else is on a weight loss journey? Do you have any hints or tips? I know I need to drink more....oh and STOP EATING NAUGHTIES!!!! 
I'll be back soon with some recipes and an update, I figured if I write it here then I'll be accountable... Wish me luck... Catch up soon xo

22 June 2014

Week 25

This week .... Monday to Thursday... kinda dragged! School has been full of assessments and I was observed, doing what I do. I've walked home in the sunshine lots this week, which was lovely.
 We discovered that Woody LOVES Strawberries, who can blame him? I love em too! The weather has been lovely so they've had loads of fun running around their runs!
 Lolly's Prom preparation came to an end this week as the big day arrived! The week has been full with facials and nails as well as months of organisation, it was finally time for everything to come together...
 On Friday, I came home from School to find Vicky busy doing Lolly's hair and make-up, before I knew it the victory rolls were in, the make up was beautiful and the dress was on ....followed by her wedge Converse boots {she has pretty prom shoes but I definitely think she made the right choice...}
 Her BFF J came over and they had a glass of bubbly to celebrate their special day... I had a friend make their glasses, a keepsake for ever!
As the Vintage Fire Truck turned up, the overwhelming tears rolled down my face I was a very very proud Mammy! We had some family pics and headed to Hotel for the Prom!
 We drove ahead to see the girls arrive, it was a brilliant atmosphere, we took loads and loads of photographs, there were lots of group shots with friends who are all going their separate ways in September.... The girls looked stunning!
 On Saturday, once Lolly finished work, we got her dressed up again & drove to the local park to take more pics with her bestie! We thought we'd make the most of the glorious sunshine!
 We had a great laugh... 
Once we got back home the girls decided to swap dresses... they loved it! It was great fun! 
 Sunday was chillaxing with a stop off to 'He says She waffles!'... nomnomnom! Followed by lunch with friends then a relaxing end of the day starting with a few Prom Scrapbook layouts!
My baby girl is all grown up! Times flown by.....  I hope you've had a brilliant week.
I'll be back soon with more layouts and a Project Life round up.
Catch up soon xo

19 June 2014


loving: Costa coolers

watching: the clock...counting down the days...

reading: Mollie Makes Photography & Mollie Makes Felt

making: a Harry Potter scrapbook album

feeling: excited yet exhausted!

listening: to the Frozen Soundtrack...on repeat! hahaha!

planning: Lolly's Prom

18 June 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Week 24

After making a start with my Harry Potter album last weekend it was soon Monday!
 This week has flown by, after School on Monday my friend came over for a cuppa followed by two more... so in essence I had a good girlie gossip from 3.30pm until 11.30pm, I was pooped but it was gr8 having a catch up!
I had lunch with my work best friend then I met the kids after school for a 'cooler', they were yummy!
I continued with my Harry Potter album, this is an old American Crafts 8.5x11, I've never scrapped this size before!
We had naughty mid week treats! We LOVE scones, jam & clotted cream! Mmm!
Thursday saw the arrival of my Studio Calico kit! My cats also love the arrival over my kit...bring on the fight for the box!
Rainbows group on Friday was really good fun, we spotted this ace fluffy cloud! *it's the little things eh?*
Saturday & Sunday we went to Bristol shopping, we LOVE it there!
I've also been up to some Prom surprises... all will be revealed very soon!
A quick Ikea visit & obligatory ice cream...
I treated myself to this cool bag in the Paperchase Sale, it reminds me of being a student, I think it has a Mary Poppins carpet bag kinda feel too! I love it! 

Catch up soon! I have a Prom to prepare for.... xo

2 June 2014

Goodbye... then Hello!!!

Hello everyone! I decided I didn't have enough time to blog and deleted my blog.... after a few weeks of not blogging I realise how much I miss it! I've been so busy... I have so much to share with you! 
 I went to visit Harry Potter Studios ... it was FANTASTIC!
 I've wanted to go for ages ...
 We tried Butter Beer, we all loved it!

I've got so much to share but have decided to blog slightly differently, I hope to carry on with 10 things on the tenth, I hope to do a weekly diary, inspired by my friend Jo, I want to share with you my weight loss journey as I hope to lose more weight. I have lots of scrap layouts and Project Life layouts to share too! Over the past couple of months alot of little changes have happened in my life  and can't wait to share my excitement! 

Thanks for popping by my page! I appreciate all your support and friendship!
Catch up soon xxx