22 June 2014

Week 25

This week .... Monday to Thursday... kinda dragged! School has been full of assessments and I was observed, doing what I do. I've walked home in the sunshine lots this week, which was lovely.
 We discovered that Woody LOVES Strawberries, who can blame him? I love em too! The weather has been lovely so they've had loads of fun running around their runs!
 Lolly's Prom preparation came to an end this week as the big day arrived! The week has been full with facials and nails as well as months of organisation, it was finally time for everything to come together...
 On Friday, I came home from School to find Vicky busy doing Lolly's hair and make-up, before I knew it the victory rolls were in, the make up was beautiful and the dress was on ....followed by her wedge Converse boots {she has pretty prom shoes but I definitely think she made the right choice...}
 Her BFF J came over and they had a glass of bubbly to celebrate their special day... I had a friend make their glasses, a keepsake for ever!
As the Vintage Fire Truck turned up, the overwhelming tears rolled down my face I was a very very proud Mammy! We had some family pics and headed to Hotel for the Prom!
 We drove ahead to see the girls arrive, it was a brilliant atmosphere, we took loads and loads of photographs, there were lots of group shots with friends who are all going their separate ways in September.... The girls looked stunning!
 On Saturday, once Lolly finished work, we got her dressed up again & drove to the local park to take more pics with her bestie! We thought we'd make the most of the glorious sunshine!
 We had a great laugh... 
Once we got back home the girls decided to swap dresses... they loved it! It was great fun! 
 Sunday was chillaxing with a stop off to 'He says She waffles!'... nomnomnom! Followed by lunch with friends then a relaxing end of the day starting with a few Prom Scrapbook layouts!
My baby girl is all grown up! Times flown by.....  I hope you've had a brilliant week.
I'll be back soon with more layouts and a Project Life round up.
Catch up soon xo


  1. What an amazing end to the week, they both looked so beautiful x

  2. They all look so beautiful! Their dresses are awesome! What a fun day!

  3. What a beautiful set of photos and how stunning your daughter looks. I love that she is her own person and chose to wear her Converse boots.


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