24 June 2014

Weight loss..... the journey so far....

A couple of years ago I realised I wasn't happy with the way I looked! I needed to do something about it! I ate unhealthy stuff & wanted to be skinnier! Something had to be done....
I didn't ever scrap photographs of myself, it's much better to scrap cake?!?!?!?
I started the Slimming World diet before I knew it I'd lost 3.5stone {49 pounds}I felt so much better!
I was more confident and happier to have photos of myself taken
I found that people treated me differently as I wasn't the 'fat one' ... which to be honest was quite strange, I'm me... whether I'm fat, thin, wide or wider! lol Oh well.... 
So here I am now... a year later...
I've put on a 1.5 stone! EEEEEEEEEEKKKKK!!!! I suppose it's better than 3.5..... I need to get rid of it again, help...... who else is on a weight loss journey? Do you have any hints or tips? I know I need to drink more....oh and STOP EATING NAUGHTIES!!!! 
I'll be back soon with some recipes and an update, I figured if I write it here then I'll be accountable... Wish me luck... Catch up soon xo


  1. Well done on that weight loss. I think it's incredibly hard to stay motivated and oh I wish there was an easy fix or that cake had zero points lol

  2. you done good with your weight loss. I'm on and off diets like a yoyo I have to be in the right frame of mind lol x


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