1 September 2014

16/31 If I won the lottery

It would be a miracle in itself as I never play the lottery, I never win anything, tombolas, competitions, bingo, school fete games! I'm pants! So in my dreamy world....hmmm! 

Obviously it depends how much you win but I'd probably take loads of friends/family to Disney World, Florida. I'd meet up with some scrapbook friends too and they could show me all the awesome shops! Haha!

Or maybe I would move house, I love the Coast, so maybe nearer the seaside. Or buy a barge, I reckon that would be a pretty chilled kinda lifestyle, I could have a pet duck! Haha!

I would buy the Special Care Baby Unit new equipment, to help them save more lives, without their help Lolly wouldn't be here so maybe that would be one of the first things I'd do. I'd like to do charity work but rather than give cash be involved, eg help teach in a 3rd World School or rehabilitate poorly animals.

Catch up soon everyone xo

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