27 July 2015

I'm back!!! ***waves frantically***

Hey bloggers!

Have I missed you!?!?! Yes! I have! I've missed blogging, scrapping & project life....what's been going on?

My last post was September last year, there is a good reason for this.... my life changed massively!

My view changed from the classroom teaching to learning!
 For those of you that don't follow my Instagram or Facebook....wow! You have so much to catch up with! Hahaha! In a nutshell, I quit my full time job at the School to follow my dream and start my journey to become a NURSE! It was a massive gamble, so far it's going good!

When I left school I wanted to be a Nurse!
I got a job at the local Hospital as an Auxiliary Nurse, hoping to gain as much experience as possible.

I'm soooo excited! I LOVE THIS!
 I started a course at college and studied intensively!

Obs...I had the coolest stationery! haha
I applied to University, with lots of hard work, I gained the qualification  I needed to get a place!
My new classroom.... simulation suite!
Roll on September, my student Nurse life begins....

My friends blood though a microscope in Biology
I hope you will continue to read my blog as I capture, the reality of student life as a 'mature student' ...... I had a dream many years ago, I gave up on that dream to help others and always put myself to the back of the queue... now it's my turn!
Wish me luck xo

P.S. ... not only did I go to college, I also played a massive part in arranging our wedding after deciding we would set a date and get married! Woohoo!



  1. It's lovely to see you back and I am so proud of you for putting yourself first and following your dream xx

  2. Great to have you back in blog land Michelle x
    I look forward to following your student nurse adventures :)

  3. You've achieved so much, I'm truly in awe of you x

  4. Congrats on your wedding and 'go girl' starting your nurse training...I have been nursing for all my adult life really and have loved it! I will be following your journey,


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