1 September 2015

Me on Monday

Today is a miserable, raining, gloomy looking Monday! I'm happy to be back with Sian & friends for a Monday catch up! Oh wait! It's bank holiday! It's always a raining day on bank holiday! 
This past week has been great for catching up with friends, I've met the lovely student nurses who are going into year 2, said goodbye to two girls who left work with a meal out! We had a trip to another country... Ok it was Wales but it still counts! Hahaha! 
I had a great shopping trip ....remembering to take extra bags for the shopping! The rubbish part of the week has been the amount of plumbers we've had around as our boiler has decided we don't need heating or hot water, with quotes beginning at £1400.00, we've planted a money tree in the garden! To end on a happy note we went to Woburn safari park.... 
The sun was shining, it was awesome!
We got very close!
It was brilliant! We'd definitely go again, have you had a great week? I'm off to catch up with your posts! Have a fab start to September! This year is flying by.... xo

P.S I'll be back soon with a scrapbookers guide to uni! 


  1. Ouch! To the boiler quotes but on the up side looks like your weekend was full and fun. Raining here too :(

  2. Oh I hear you about those bills for house owning - we just committed to changing over to gas heating and they drop those prices like it's a bag of chips! I do have a tree in my backyard called Money Penny because when I bought her my husband said, what you think money grows on trees. I hope your tree sprouts "fruit" soon. (lol). Cheers to a drier week for you.

  3. Very cute pictures! We crossed the border here too for our Bank Holiday trip: we went "down south"..you drive 50 miles down the road and you need to take Euro to spend.

    Best of luck getting the plumbing sorted!

  4. Great photos and it sounds like you've been having a lovely time apart from the boiler! xx


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