12 September 2015

#30 lists day 11

My best friends 
Always laughing
These girls mean the world to me... My BFF {Best friend forever}, WBFF, {Work best friend forever},  HBFF{Hockey best friend forever}, ...hahaha! but more than that my wife! She is my rock! The bestest bestie ever!
She's always there when I need a friend
My babies are my besties too! They often say "Mam, you're my best mate!"
Growing up fast!
I have a great circle of friends, every one of them mean the world to me! I'm surrounded by awesome people! Some people I haven't know for a very long time, others I've known for years! Some of my best friends still live up north and we've been friends since school...
Our girls....! They are hilarious! Thanks for everything xo Love ya'll *mwah* I'm not gonna list who they are, they know.

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