14 September 2015

Me on Monday!

I'm joining Sian and all you other Me on Monday'ers! I hope you've had a great week?
This past week has been kind of busy but kind of chilled out too!
I was a hero, when Lolly wasn't available for an 'animal rescue' haha! We had a date night in a really rustic country pub! It was delicious!
We supporting the awesome cancer charity, as my neighbour Chantal asked Tracy to run with her, we chased them around the track and took lots of pics, it was a great day!

I also got packing...ensuring I had the most awesome pencil case
I am so pleased Monday is here! {Not something I often say} Today is the first official day to my new beginning... after quitting my full time job, doing a year in college...studying hard...today I stepped into my future!
I officially became a Student Nurse! Yeh! I LOVED my first day at Oxford University, I met some fabulous people too! I was soooooooooooooo nervous and what's worse is, I non stop chat when I'm nervous...eeek! Poor fellow students listening to my Geordie tones...haha!

I hope you have a fantabulous week xo

P.S. Did I say I'm a student nurse!!!???

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  1. What a great weekend and an awesome collection of pencils! Glad the first day went so well x


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