1 September 2015

#30lists & LSNED day 1

I love September! #30 days of lists and learn something new every day! I haven't had time to log in to Shimelle's Learn Something New Every Day but I've took a lil look at #30 lists.

The first thing to list is what you might of heard about me... 
I'm a newly wed
I'm a huge Disney fan
I love animals
I hate 'wasting days'
I love to scrapbook
I love meeting friends especially when it involves coffee & cake! Nomnomnom!
I'm kind & caring and would do anything for anyone....however, don't take the '"mick outta me!"
I hate cooking....unless it's baking a cake!
I'm going to uni to become a Nurse!
Please share your links to #30 lists so I can pop along and have a look! See you tomorrow for more lists xo

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  1. I might have a look at LSNED and I do love a list, I do them every day :) xx


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