12 September 2015

A scrapbookers guide to uni!

Going to uni at my age..... I've got to admit it's pretty scary... but I've waited long enough for this! I AM REALLY EXCITED! As the months, turned into weeks now a matter of days, I'm now into single figures before I start! Eeeek! But with the nerves and anticipation comes shopping! Oh yes! As a scrapbooker, I see loads of awesome stationery but I'm also fussy!
I love shopping, especially for cool things! I just LOVE stationery, a fav shop of mine has always been Paperchase but I've got to be honest the back to school ranges this year are very disappointing. I don't fancy fast food or unicorns.
 I love everything to be bright and colourful, I purchased these colourful notepads and some plastic wallets from Tesco. {I also got my Mickey Mouse pencil case there} The other notepads are from Primark, they have had some good quality stationery this year.
I still love this pencil case...no need to get another!
Speaking of Mickey Mouse, as you all know I'm a huge Disney fan {and also do not care whether people like or dislike it! It is who I am! haha!} My most expensive Disney purchase was my bag.
I love it! I will be a grown up initially with my trusty Cath Kidston bags, always useful incase of a rainy day too!
As a scrapbooker I'm pretty fussy about pens! I have my colourful pens & my work practical pens but also my 'these write nicely' pens hahaha! To be honest my favourite writing pens are bics, I use the 4 way ones everyday in the Hospital.
My awesome family have surprised me with some 'nurse' stationery too... how could they resist syringe highlighters & a nurse USB pen! {Yes, I rip of the head and stick it in my laptop}
Pencils.... well, I have some pretty cool pencils... I buy pencils in gift shops or get them as pressies when my family & friends visit places. Small, quirky & inexpensive but also a blast from the past every time I use them. Here are some of my favs...
The little but important parts include giant Disney paperclips, I love paperclips! hahaha!
I have some quirky post it notes too, aswell as awesome scissors!
I can't wait! The pencil case is packed in my bag ready for my first day on Monday! Oh, another little something to help me on my journey to be a nurse is this amazing hand gel....
I couldn't resist, I chose blue to match my uniform!
I'll be back soon! xo
P.S. my next post is all about planners....so many to choose from!

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