4 August 2014

Week 30

The start of the week was bleurgh! I'll spare you all the details but we had a tummy bug!

We broke up from school, Cal said "Goodbye" to lots of friends as he starts a new school in September! He came home with a signed shirt and lots of photos. Cal has always hated not having his Birthday in school time but we celebrated in style!
His cake was yummy!
Homemade is always the best! We drove to Bournemouth & had a gr8 few days starting with the discovery of a new ice cream shop!
We had a face time cake blowing ceremony hahahaha!
We had a dip in the sea!
Then Cal wanted to visit the Tank museum for his birthday treat!
He loved it!
We had a laugh but it was soooooooooooooo boring! {Not my cuppa tea anyway!} We played hide and seek! hahaha!
Dressing up was definitely a hit! hahaha! Roll on the summer holiday adventures!


  1. Looks like a great week. We're heading back to school in two weeks.


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