19 August 2014

8/31 What's in my bag

I am just a smidgen bag obsessive! Hahahaha! I change my bag on a very regular basis... whether it's to suit my clothes or place we're visiting, I have a bag for so many occassions, it's the law right?!?!
 Here's my contents at the mo

-Sunnies {wishful thinking right!}
-A pen 
-A very small USB pen on a huge Pinocchio keyring {So I don't lose it!}
-My new NHS ID badge {so excited right now!}
-House keys
-My Purse
-A hairclip
-Lip balm
-Chewing gum
-My phone {I can't imagine being without it}

Catch up soon xo
My two weeks in Mallorca won't stop me catching up with this. I'm determined....

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