6 August 2014

2/31 20 facts about me!

1. I have over 300 washi tapes
2. I'm a Fossil bag addict!
3. I hate things touching my legs in the sea, so I go in with a kiddy fishing rod! {A guaranteed way that fish stay away from you!} hahaha!
4. I know nearly all Union J songs off by heart... thanks Lolly!
5. I love Ice Hockey, even though I no longer have a season ticket, it's my favourite sport
6. I'm Christmas obsessed!
7. I'm a massive Disney fan, if I'm ever down I get out my Cinderella shoes or watch a Disney movie
8. I love afternoon naps on a Sunday! lol Infact, any day I can happily have a lil snooze on the sofa!
9. I take LOADS of photographs everyday
10. I have to say I prefer Instagram to Facebook, I've made some amazing friends and met a few IRL too!
11. I'd love to live in The States
12. My next party I'm having will be Where's Wally themed!Sssssssssh, our secret!
13. I HATE Spiders
14. I wish I had more confidence to be the inner Vintage girl I am, on the outside
15. I wish I could crochet but have failed miserably at every attempt
16. I'm a wanabee doodler
17. I'm tee total until I'm on my holiday, then I go on the cocktails!!!
18. My Mam dying at 40, has made me convinced it will happen to me, I live my life to the max for this very reason! We're always up to something...
19. I drink far too much Diet Coke
20. Writing 20 random facts is harder than I thought!

Catch up soon xo


  1. Love the Cinderella shoes what a great idea. I hope you've scrapped them. I can't crochet either despite classes etc.

  2. It's been fun to know more about you, and I can honestly say, most of those would be facts about me too :)


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