20 August 2014

12/31 A Guilty Pleasure

Today's prompt is a guilty pleasure, this again is hard work only choosing one! So here's my guilty pleasure list ...ooooops!
First and foremost is a cheeky cupcake, I can't resist a cheeky cupcake, nomnomnom! That's the reason I had this tattoo, it symbolises my love for sweet things but also my weight loss, I started the journey about the same time as having this done...
I love chinese take away. Mmmm! I love Costa Black Forest Hot Chocolate. I love lil naps on the sofa, sometimes they turn from minutes into hours! Ooooops! I read loads of blogs in my spare time. I love American sweets & breakfast cereal too! I'd much rather have sweets/candies than chocolate. I often wear pj's straight after work.
As you can see I'm very naughty! haha!
Catch up soon xo

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  1. If these make you naughty then I'm definitely a little naughty too xxx


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