21 July 2014

Week 29

This week has been AMAZING!!! We started the week with a special lil girls 16th Birthday!
Hidden in the giraffe t-shirt was a silver envelope containing a 'Zoo Keeper for the day pass'
Lolly was so excited....ALL DAY! After lots of pressies, birthday cake and a lovely meal out with her us & her BFF we headed to bed ready for an early start...
 We started the day meeting 17 day old Geoffrey! He was so adorable!
She got the funniest 'giraffe #selfie' ever!
He wasn't camera shy! Lol!
We had laugh after laugh!
I will never ever forget this...
Then we met the funny looking Tapirs!
Lolly fed them too!
Then we met the beasts! Rumba & Rumbull, I mean these two Rhinos were HUGE! Mahoosive!
I knew they were Big but I wasn't prepared for this! They were quite squidgey too! I thought they'd be really rough and solid!! After meeting these Lolly had the mammoth task of cleaning the Rhino House...they certainly didn't do rabbit droppings! I obviously stood back and took lots of pictures. Hahahaha!
  Once Lolly had finished her keeper experience! Cal fed the goats...aswell as other animals too,we roamed the Zoo all day
 This was Cals favourite animal of the day! I would definitely visit again!
We ended the day at the park!
Please ignore the lack of nail varnish!
Keeping up with our animal themed week I bought these cute slippers too! lol
I hope you've had an awesome week?

This time next week it'll be Summer Break, not that I'm counting down the days in school but...4 more days to go! Yeh!


  1. What a great present. I did enjoy the photos on Instagram. She looks like she had a ball.

  2. It looks like you all had a blast, what a fab Birthday present and one that will be remembers for years to come, and of course you will have to get scrapping all those photos now xx

  3. haha love her t-shirt and what a super pressie x


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