7 July 2014

Week 27

This week has been interesting... I'm so glad that July is here... let the birthday celebrations begin... 
Mollie nibbled on the wrapping paper
Cal had an interview with his new school, he's really excited! We surprised Jess!
By meeting her in the pub to celebrate 16th Birthday! She loved her pressies & had a sleepover with Lolly!...
...which meant that Cal came babysitting, for a neighbour, with me! We watched One Born Every Minute! hehehe! He was sooooooooooo engrossed!
We had diet coke chicken...mmm! I love it!
We made Pirate faces with our palm prints in Rainbows. Thx to Pinterest!
We also made some emotional faced biscuits for snack time, I particularly liked this moustache face!
Date Night! Nomnomnom!
Race for Life, Pretty muddy was awesome...we were clean here! lol
It was great fun...
Ducking & diving...
This was horrendous! I HATE heights! Aaaargh!
We got soaked....Right through....!
It was emotional at times!
We completed the race in just under an hour including all the awesome obstacles! Same time next year? I will definitely be there!

On Sunday, after waking up really early, we drove to a local Car Boot Sale. I used to love going years ago but haven't been to one in probably 3 years! We got a few bargains! I got some cute lil baskets for my scraproom for £1 and lots of books too! Cal is a book worm! 

I'll be back same time next week with a round up of the week! 
Catch up soon xo


  1. Goodness Michelle x
    What a fun filled week you've had :)

  2. Looks like an amazing weekend.

    I don't know if you follow Fi's blog (staring at the sea) I'll find the link and show you, but she does this see it pin it thing ... And oh you Pinterest take will be perfect

  3. For some reason I can't paste in my iPad today so it's Fiona-staringatthesea.blogspot.co.uk


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