14 July 2014

Week 28

The week started off happy with a big delivery from Studio Calico, Mollie was happy too, I didn't have time to empty it and she was in the box!
Jessie met Woody for the first time without bars in between them!
Lolly taught Maddie how to pout!
We edited some pics...
We love the Studio app!
After school we had a drive to Fairford, the airshow is on, so we did abit of plane spotting!
I came home to find this lil guy on the table! Cheers kids! lol
I had a horrid migraine! Bleurgh!
Our nurture group finished until September, we got some yummy chocs! Mmmm!
Saturday was soooooo hot, we sat in the garden most of the day!
Mollie sat in the plant pot & slept most of the day! lol Oh! To have a cats life eh?!?!
We bought Cal his first suit, my boys growing so fast....
Sunday, I managed to scrap 3 LO's for Lolly's Prom album! Yeh for chill out Sundays! 
Catch up soon xx

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