1 July 2014

Week 26

This week started off pretty standard, usual work - life balance! 
After School on Wednesday I went into town looking for a new top, ended up with a few birthday pressies but no top....oh and a Starbucks! lol
Lolly had a day experience in the local vets as a trial {she can't do a week until she's 16}....not long to go, phew! SHE LOVED IT! She experienced a mixture of good & bad experiences, which was ace!
I had a work night out, out of our 45 staff 35 came it was great fun!
Obviously, I was the only person taking photographs of food...
...and friends! That's what us 'scrappy folk' do! Apologies hahaha!
I had to get my Cinderella shoes out, this only happens in extreme cases of feeling sad/emotional, as the anniversary of my Mam's death loomed I felt slightly lost so wore them whilst I scrapped to lift my mood! It worked! Yeh!
On Saturday, Callum enjoyed a big fat cream cake, whilst we dragged him around the shops, he was pleased he got his sister her birthday pressie sorted! I got some leggings ready for our muddy run this Saturday! Eeeeeeeekkkkk! 

I'm taking part in the Bristol Race For Life Pretty Muddy, it's been emotional so far, it's Lolly's first race too! There are lots of people in our team, we're all very excited! We have raised over £1000 for Cancer, that rubbish disease that took my Mam away!
After snap chatting Lolly in a torrential down pour this was the reply! haha! Thx!
On Sunday, we kept busy with a trip to the beach to catch up with family we haven't seen for months.
I thought they were gonna dig to Australia... hahaha!
I love these too! Gr8 selfie!
The obligatory beach jump shot! lol!

Now July is here, we're officially half way through the year
Catch up soon xo

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  1. Oh I do love the Cinderella shoes, I hope they made you feel a little better. Sometimes the loss is just too much xxx


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