25 August 2015

The Wedding Quirkiness!

A lot of thought and planning went into the quirky parts of our Wedding, we tried to spend money wisely on the 'keepsakes', we didn't want to over spend on things we would never use again, however were more than prepared to spend on AMAZING bits and bobs!
My favourite piece was my amazingly brilliant head piece made my friend Zoe, I have known her for many years now and she was only one person I would have asked to be part of our special day, I have been to many classes at Love from Hetty & Dave but would never of attempted to make my own fascinator, it had to be unique & Zoe would be perfect! It had to include two hearts that would be 'together forever', include flowers and have a beachy vibe as we both love the beach so much, it had to include some anchors, an ode to Tracy's tattoo and also the fact we are both unsinkable. We also chose rock, a part of our staple beach diet! Haha!
Isn't it amazing!???! 'Love Rocks!'
Callum had to have something special, a keepsake too! After much discussion, we decided we HAD to include a moustache.... what better way than with a bow tie! Zoe's talented hands made that too!
 It looks much more shiny in real life than this photo shows, shiny red leather to suit the colour theme! Cal wanted to go for Top Dog as opposed to Best Man, Lolly was Top Cat! We are all animal lovers, so this was just perfect! Zoe and her husband spend hours thinking of names to go in Cal's moustache! Haha! She's a gem! We also got vintage themed tattoos for our Very Important Wedding guests, including a pin up girl on a certain young mans arm.......

Note: Cal's tattoo, bottom left
...a very pretty young lady was also 'inked' for the special day too..... did you notice?
Lolly had a Unicorn....no surprises there?!?!
 Following on with the colour theme, we looked at flowers hoping for mainly red and white. What would look cool? Romantic? What would still be alive after our mini moon so we could enjoy them? We went to a many wedding fayre's, on one fabulous day we stumbled upon a very talented lady called Helen, she had the most amazing flowers, that we could keep FOREVER! We met many times and ended up with 'the same but different' bouquet, the bespoke design was perfect!
Everything was opposite
 Bright felt and cute buttons with sweet little hearts and matching ribbons, hand made was definitely best! We loved them so much, our guests loved them too!
They were beautiful
Lolly's wedding quirkiness favourite was her shoes! They were ADORABLE if only I was the same size..... I could steal them! Haha! Also chosen.....from a choice of millions.... Miss L Fire's LOVE BIRDS won! ......see what we did there? Love birds! Awwwww! 
 The next and possibly cutest keepsake has to be our adorable cake toppers, we found the most amazing store on Etsy and sent her photographs of us, in a flash we had mini me's! They are just teeny tiny versions of us!
Love, love, love
 One of the final quirky bits that I loved, were the pencils for our guests, we do still have some 'spares' if you didn't get one, please message me....
 thanks for the awesome pictures .....our artistic friends are just ace....  
So sweet!
 The many pictures and wishes we received will be part of our many wedding albums! We currently have a 12x12 scrapbook album, two photograph albums, a smash book for the planning and two WRMK mini albums on the go! Hahaha!
I hope you've enjoyed the 'quirky bits' post! I'll be back soon with some scrapbooking xo
P.S. I will also soon have a scrapbookers guide to going to uni, by going to uni I mean what I've purchased in preparation! xo 



  1. Love all the quirks of your wedding xx

  2. Uni stationary was always one of my favourite shopping things๐Ÿ˜€ Love the new blog header and all the flabby wedding goodies.๐Ÿ˜

  3. Spellcheck error lol that was really fabby wedding goodies oops!!

  4. Fantastic! I love the bouquets especially though it doesn't feel right to single one thing out of all of the amazing-ness

  5. Aww this post makes me happy and sad, happy I was there and sad that it's over xx

  6. Thanks for sharing all the details - they look amazing all of them! The bouquets though are just gorgeous and you have them forever ๐Ÿ˜Š

  7. love all the attention to detail it is amazing


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