20 August 2015

Scrappy friends.....are ace!

Over the past few years my scrapbook journey has been amazing, I've learned many techniques, shared them on my blog and all over the world. Through social media, I have made friends with the most amazing scrapbookers and project lifers from across the globe! What is even more exciting is, I have made some truly amazing friends. Through this cool hobby I have met several scrapbookers, many times, I had the pleasure of having some of these awesome girls be a part of our wedding!
The best thing about 'scrappers' is we ARE NOT camera shy! Hahaha! Jo, Nancy & Jackie were part of our amazing day and we were blessed they had travelled so far! 
 Today I want to share some of their awesome layouts! Wowsers! I feel famous!  Here's a look at one of Nancy's ace Mrs & Mrs layout process videos. Now we are practically related! Haha! Everyone looked beautiful in their dresses! I had a few emotional tears!
Another beautiful scrapper, Sheena blogged about us too! It seems very strange, yet brilliant being part of someone elses project life.
Sheena couldn't be there in person but she was there in spirit! Her gift was just beautiful! Thanks sweetie xx We will treasure it forever!  Another ace layout by Nancy includes one of her famous selfies!
 I love the bright colours in this layout by Nancy, she really is the 'selfie queen'! #loveit
Jo talks about us here, I love it that she also scrapped the same photograph! Ace layouts! So colourful and bright!
I wonder if Jackie will scrap the same one? Hmmm! Could this be our challenge? I'll scrap it too?
Thanks for stopping by and checking out some of my scrappy friends... I secretly hope that they made two of the same and send me a layout! haha!
I'll be back soon with more wedding quirkiness xo
P.S. Here's a look at a recent layout I made ....
Special thanks to Nancy who sent me some fabulous cut outs! I don't have the machine... {Don't forget I'm a student nowadays!} lol xo


  1. What a lovely post and great layouts from everyone x

  2. Scrappy friends are definetly the best!

  3. Great post. It looks like a fabulous day and the LOs are lovely.

  4. How lovely that you've shared pages from others. Gorgeous

  5. WOW! these are fab layouts, I better get my act together and get scrapping. Thank you both for inviting me - it was a great pleasure to be part of your big day xx


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