17 August 2015

Getting married.... the secret parts!

After starting work at the Hospital, a harsh reality of what is REALLY IMPORTANT struck me! My years of worrying about what other people thought were over! You only get one shot at life and since my Mam passed away so very young, I am very surprised it has taken me so long to realise!

One shot to be happy! One shot to be who you want to be, one shot at trying your best! I feel I have always tried my best at whatever I've set my mind to but sometimes you're best isn't good enough for some people, which is a real shame! One thing I was sure of, was the love felt within our four walls, we love each other unconditionally and will always be there for each other.

The wedding plans began, we firstly looked at themes.... as we are both curvy girls we thought 50's dresses would be perfect and they really were!
Pout face!
We tried on lots and lots of dresses, varying colours, styles, matching, not matching, flowery, plain, dotty.... we visited London, Brighton, Frome... many awesome places! Our two favourite shops were Deadly Is The Female & Vivien of Holloway, we have met some amazing people on this journey, people who will be friends forever! Our Chief Bridesmaid loved dress shopping too!
We got a lil bit crafty, ordered some Moo cards and made our own wedding Save the Dates, from an idea on Pinterest! We had secret Pinterest boards for our bridal party and photography ideas, I've gotta say....that was the worst thing....not taking pics! Hahaha!
We thought it would be a great idea to learn a 'secret dance', none of us are great dancers and it would be great to see everyones faces, we really aren't into PDA and the thought of everyone staring at us for a 'smooch'! Bleurgh! hahaha! We're all about the fun factor! We started going to Lindy Hop lessons, it was great fun, one of our bridesmaids came too, as did one of my college friends, we made some great friends and started to visit some fabulous places. We danced at Newbury Ballrooms, whilst watching the fabulous Jive Aces! Our World had turned upside down.....and very vintage!
Dancing to Rockin Robin!
We kept everything low key & quiet, wanting to surprise our guests, we hired the most amazing singers, The Decibelles were amazing! We hired a 50's Ice Cream van, got a candy cart & photobooth and were all stylied by the most amazing vintage stylist. It was the BEST DAY EVER! Friends and family travelled from up & down, and across the country it was truly memorable!
Here are a few piccies!  
Our awesome Bridal Party!
Our Chief Bridesmaid & Best Man aka Top Dog 
It was laugh after laugh!
Even cutting the cake was a laugh!
The photo booth was a massive hit!
We felt loved all day! It was amazing!
The heels came off! hahaha!
I hope you've enjoyed some of our 'secret parts' the guests seemed to love it as much as we did! I will scrap this for many more months to come!  
Thanks for stopping by xo

PS Wedding Layouts soon......but first....scrappy friends!


  1. Thanks for sharing your special day. It looks amazing and I live the 50s theme you chose x

  2. These pictures are so wonderful! I hope you'll both be very happy :)

  3. That looks like the happiest wedding I have seen for a long time. You look so happy together - all the best for the future. Keep smiling x

  4. It was such an amazing day and I feel so privileged to be invited to share it xx

    1. We're so glad you were there! You're part of the family now!

  5. It looked absolutely AWESOME.

  6. That looks like a perfect day. Congratulations both of you xx


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