22 August 2017

Year Two complete ... roll on Year Three

The first uni year has absolutely flown by! But my second, wowsers! Where did it go?

I've had a great two years, stressful at times but my new friends have been complete rocks and we've all supported each other. I've made some new friends for life. I'm so pleased to have done this course. I was initially apprehensive leaving a full time job that I loved but Nursing is just brilliant!

There have been up and downs but getting the results that I'd passed everything was amazing! It's worth all the hard work! My placements, as I said before, have been great.
I've been on a busy surgical ward, experiencing all aspects of care from admissions to being in theatre to recovery and discharge. It was an awesome learning curve. I've been to a walk in centre, I saw sooooooo much from basic health care to life threatening emergencies. I've been on an Oncology Ward and Endoscopy outpatients too as well as many other days in other units, or visiting specialist Nurses.

The teams I've worked with have been excellent, we are lucky to have such a fabulous NHS.

I've kept up my Disney love and bought plenty of stationery... a must for students ;)
I started writing this a year ago... I just hope I have some followers still otherwise me blabbering on is pointless! Hahaha

Catch up soon


  1. I'm still here! Glad the course is going well. You will be a fantastic nurse x

  2. I am so happy for you, you are going to make an amazing nurse x


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