21 July 2014

Week 29

This week has been AMAZING!!! We started the week with a special lil girls 16th Birthday!
Hidden in the giraffe t-shirt was a silver envelope containing a 'Zoo Keeper for the day pass'
Lolly was so excited....ALL DAY! After lots of pressies, birthday cake and a lovely meal out with her us & her BFF we headed to bed ready for an early start...
 We started the day meeting 17 day old Geoffrey! He was so adorable!
She got the funniest 'giraffe #selfie' ever!
He wasn't camera shy! Lol!
We had laugh after laugh!
I will never ever forget this...
Then we met the funny looking Tapirs!
Lolly fed them too!
Then we met the beasts! Rumba & Rumbull, I mean these two Rhinos were HUGE! Mahoosive!
I knew they were Big but I wasn't prepared for this! They were quite squidgey too! I thought they'd be really rough and solid!! After meeting these Lolly had the mammoth task of cleaning the Rhino House...they certainly didn't do rabbit droppings! I obviously stood back and took lots of pictures. Hahahaha!
  Once Lolly had finished her keeper experience! Cal fed the goats...aswell as other animals too,we roamed the Zoo all day
 This was Cals favourite animal of the day! I would definitely visit again!
We ended the day at the park!
Please ignore the lack of nail varnish!
Keeping up with our animal themed week I bought these cute slippers too! lol
I hope you've had an awesome week?

This time next week it'll be Summer Break, not that I'm counting down the days in school but...4 more days to go! Yeh!

17 July 2014


loving: giraffes

watching: Lolly be a zoo keeper!

reading: lots of policies & procedures!

making: plans for the future

feeling: like a big kid

listening: to a very excited 16 year old!


15 July 2014

The Prom album!

I've been making LO's for Lolly's Prom album for a while now, Leslie from the Memory Nest made a cool sketch and I made this...
I love this paper from Studio Calico but I'm a nightmare for keeping papers I like, then never using them, so I'm pleased I used it! lol
This is one of my favourite Prom photos...
I'll be making lots of layouts with these beautiful girls...
A day we'll never forget! #lovedthisday 

When you read this we'll be celebrating Lolly's 16th Birthday!!! So exciting!

14 July 2014

Week 28

The week started off happy with a big delivery from Studio Calico, Mollie was happy too, I didn't have time to empty it and she was in the box!
Jessie met Woody for the first time without bars in between them!
Lolly taught Maddie how to pout!
We edited some pics...
We love the Studio app!
After school we had a drive to Fairford, the airshow is on, so we did abit of plane spotting!
I came home to find this lil guy on the table! Cheers kids! lol
I had a horrid migraine! Bleurgh!
Our nurture group finished until September, we got some yummy chocs! Mmmm!
Saturday was soooooo hot, we sat in the garden most of the day!
Mollie sat in the plant pot & slept most of the day! lol Oh! To have a cats life eh?!?!
We bought Cal his first suit, my boys growing so fast....
Sunday, I managed to scrap 3 LO's for Lolly's Prom album! Yeh for chill out Sundays! 
Catch up soon xx

10 July 2014


loving: counting down the days until our summer holiday!

watching: life fly by

reading: IG Posts

making: a mess!

feeling: hungry!

listening: to rain! It's pouring down!

7 July 2014

Week 27

This week has been interesting... I'm so glad that July is here... let the birthday celebrations begin... 
Mollie nibbled on the wrapping paper
Cal had an interview with his new school, he's really excited! We surprised Jess!
By meeting her in the pub to celebrate 16th Birthday! She loved her pressies & had a sleepover with Lolly!...
...which meant that Cal came babysitting, for a neighbour, with me! We watched One Born Every Minute! hehehe! He was sooooooooooo engrossed!
We had diet coke chicken...mmm! I love it!
We made Pirate faces with our palm prints in Rainbows. Thx to Pinterest!
We also made some emotional faced biscuits for snack time, I particularly liked this moustache face!
Date Night! Nomnomnom!
Race for Life, Pretty muddy was awesome...we were clean here! lol
It was great fun...
Ducking & diving...
This was horrendous! I HATE heights! Aaaargh!
We got soaked....Right through....!
It was emotional at times!
We completed the race in just under an hour including all the awesome obstacles! Same time next year? I will definitely be there!

On Sunday, after waking up really early, we drove to a local Car Boot Sale. I used to love going years ago but haven't been to one in probably 3 years! We got a few bargains! I got some cute lil baskets for my scraproom for £1 and lots of books too! Cal is a book worm! 

I'll be back same time next week with a round up of the week! 
Catch up soon xo

3 July 2014


loving: walking home & scrapping a layout

watching: the World Cup....boring!

reading: the new SEN Code of Conduct!

making: use of my term diary that started this week! Love stroking new diaries! lol

feeling: loved

listening: to David Guetta's new song, Bad!

planning: more Birthday surprises!

1 July 2014

Week 26

This week started off pretty standard, usual work - life balance! 
After School on Wednesday I went into town looking for a new top, ended up with a few birthday pressies but no top....oh and a Starbucks! lol
Lolly had a day experience in the local vets as a trial {she can't do a week until she's 16}....not long to go, phew! SHE LOVED IT! She experienced a mixture of good & bad experiences, which was ace!
I had a work night out, out of our 45 staff 35 came it was great fun!
Obviously, I was the only person taking photographs of food...
...and friends! That's what us 'scrappy folk' do! Apologies hahaha!
I had to get my Cinderella shoes out, this only happens in extreme cases of feeling sad/emotional, as the anniversary of my Mam's death loomed I felt slightly lost so wore them whilst I scrapped to lift my mood! It worked! Yeh!
On Saturday, Callum enjoyed a big fat cream cake, whilst we dragged him around the shops, he was pleased he got his sister her birthday pressie sorted! I got some leggings ready for our muddy run this Saturday! Eeeeeeeekkkkk! 

I'm taking part in the Bristol Race For Life Pretty Muddy, it's been emotional so far, it's Lolly's first race too! There are lots of people in our team, we're all very excited! We have raised over £1000 for Cancer, that rubbish disease that took my Mam away!
After snap chatting Lolly in a torrential down pour this was the reply! haha! Thx!
On Sunday, we kept busy with a trip to the beach to catch up with family we haven't seen for months.
I thought they were gonna dig to Australia... hahaha!
I love these too! Gr8 selfie!
The obligatory beach jump shot! lol!

Now July is here, we're officially half way through the year
Catch up soon xo