7 April 2016

Uni life!

Being a student nurse is a mix up of both fun and a challenge! Uni days are much more self taught than I ever expected, with pre reading, then a lecture, followed by a seminar and work at home. The assignments are hard going but then you wouldn't expect a nursing degree to be easy! 
My current assignment is about the free radical theory of ageing and how it links to the digestive and respiratory systems, finding articles is much tougher than you might think! 
I'm also revising A&P for an exam we take in Oxford, prior to that I have a practical exam on psychological status and observations.
I can't believe how fast time has flown from beginning this course! The two placements I have had so far have been fabulous! I have met both amazing patients and staff, the experiences I am having are life changing, I'm like a sponge....absorbing lots of information!
Wish me luck with my exams! I'll be back soon


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