7 December 2015

Uni life ... the story so far!

Following your dream... I'm following mine but non stop working, I feel like I'm living in books at the minute! I'm learning loads at such a fast rate too
I'm having regular breaks...haha!
I'm listening to lots of lectures & taking lots of notes!
I do feel lonely at times...
...but I'm making new friends on the ward...
Student life does have the plus side of random parties! Hahaha! This was a recent 80's party!
My days and nights have been ram packed, I'm really looking forward to a Christmas break! I'm missing scrapbooking and not doing anything crafty at all!
Uni life is stressful at times but soooooo AMAZING!
I'll be back soon xo


  1. You are doing so well and I'm so proud of you. I know how hard you are working and I hope you really enjoy the Christmas break xx

  2. You look like you're really enjoying it and it will be such a great feeling when you finish. Good Luck!


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